Anna Papij - Mornington Peninsula Photographer

Hello! I’m Anna Papij, an artist residing
on the Mornington Peninsula.

I see things a little differently to most. Often hyper-real, always super-real, I notice the little things that bring out a little more magic into our world. While experiencing reality as we know it, my mind superimposes another reality, and a surreal unreality takes place. This is what I love to capture in photography and videography, often with a side of music and words.

Primarily a musician, and sometimes author, I found myself taking more and more photos and videos for my work. After having a few photos published, I realised I needed to do more of this artform to bring a sense of how I see things into the print world.

When I’m not creating an unwieldy amount of art, I am bushwalking, star gazing, and working on eliminating plastics and other landfill from daily life. My music-centric site is here, and an email list can be found here.

I am currently available for professional branding photos of your Mornington Peninsula based business – be it in the studio, workshop, roastery, or out on the land. Please get in touch here if you think we’re a good fit.

Check out some photos below, and get in contact if you’d like to organise a photoshoot.

Mornington Peninsula Photograph - Mount Martha Moonset
Milky Way
Mount Martha Photography - Sunset
Point Leo Photography - Dawn

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As seen in:

PENinsula Literary Journal
Capture Magazine